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posted by eEZD 2:36 PM


Water tight. I be water tight, and have been water tight for a time now with the uncertainties and awe in which I swim. I be water tight with a man I don't know but can feel, I be water tight with a light just beginning to glimmer brightly from within, and I acknowledge the light of water tightness that surrounds life--however idealistic this sounds to you cynics and however obvious this sounds to the dreamers. I honor both tendencies and I be water tight with both realities.

The water tightness I feel coming at me warms me like a bath of chocolate cream that is not sticky nor too sugary but smooth as silk almost to the skimming surface of orgasmic sherbet. Orange sherbet of course, not too tangy---just at the fringe for contrasted delight. I slide around in water tightness hoping not to fall to the ground and unsure of when the ecstasy will end. The ecstasy won't end as long as I keep my mouth open to being water tight.

I trust.

I trust in the water tightness that I give, that this water tightness is pure and ripe like an organic strawberry in the farmer's market pulsating with the sweet energy of the life force that reproduces its beauty in all of us---that is the seed, the fruit, and the demise of my water tightness. I trust because I can't give water tightness other than this if I believe in being water tight. Otherwise I fear I give an idea, and that's what I am here to figure out, to clear out, to throw out. The water tightness that I imagine is pulsating but is also sour with some fertilized past---I don't want this water tightness, I don't want to be this water tight. My water tightness is juicy, colored and rich, and not understood by all. Perhaps my water tightness is not pulsating all the time. Maybe my water tightness is the small, average looking tangerine that one assumes has too many seeds. One is afraid of its pungency so overlooks this tangerine for the riper looking orange. I tell you my flavor is with sweet intentions, but only the experienced would be curious enough to pick me up and risk learning whether or not I be water tight.

I be water tight with all of you!

You are all different flavors of my water tightness. Believe me when I say that I know the unique blend of colors that make your fruit worth picking.

At least I tried not to pick cheese for this analogy, to share my thoughts today in this polluted city. Cheese also has its distinctive flavors but not everyone can tolerate cheese.

I love being water tight, I love the magic and craziness of being water tight, infinite gratifying inspirited pace and peace that awaits me, that teases me after a somber sleep, and inspires my meditations.

If you haven't received one yet, I send a water tight hug to all of you, full of chocolate if you like (obviously my preference---I am off to purchase a cake for the ashram) or fruit if you prefer, but definitely a pinch of sweetness of your choice. On this water tight day let us remember that being water tight is an opportunity every day, whether we resist being water tight or not. We are here to learn from each other, heal each other, and be water tight with each other.

To be or not to be water tight: I encourage you to explode the polarity of being and not being water tight for watertightness' sake.

posted by arnu 9:46 PM
I don't feel the tightness? I'm dripping wet. Need help, ASAP.
posted by Andrew 8:34 PM
Dear Experts,
I am new to this forum. It's cool!! But I'm unsure as to the benefits of Water Tightness. This is not to say that I am promoting the porous and permeable. However and nonetheless, I could use some basic education.
Thank you.
posted by gary 10:41 AM
One of the failings of the Web to date has been the lack of information/historical perspective on the Water Tight philosophy. Leave it up to D.S. Monoclonius to fill that void — a void that made the Net itself in danger of not being (continuing to not be?) Water Tight. I look forward to spirited, well-informed debates. Kudos!
posted by eEZD 10:05 AM


Si, yes, this site is Water Tight. It is the very Tightness of this site which makes it the perfect venue to explore Being Water Tight.
posted by D.S. Monoclonius 11:02 PM
Glad to be aboard.
posted by Ulysses S. 11:01 PM
Is this site water tight? Please advise.

posted by Ulysses S. 10:58 PM


This site is dedicated to an understanding of Being Water Tight and is driven forward by the desire to Be Water Tight.

Many of you know, and some may be interested to learn, that over the past several months I have been developing a General Theory of Water Tightness, a philosophy of the Water Tight. I have had several breakthroughs and no little insight into the intricate issues involved with Water Tightness, but no final determination. It is in a spirit of hope then, of anticipation, and of desire to understand, that I turn to you for assistance. Let us together understand Being Water Tight. Let us strive toward Water Tightness. Let us Be Water Tight.

There was a period of time in the fall when I fell far short of Water Tightness. Woefully short in fact. Frustrating and diverting as this time was, I would wish that sort of ongoing, low simmering crisis on no one. However, it has given me an appreciation of how important it is to Be Water Tight. This realization, which might seem immediately evident to you, came to my notice only piecemeal and after much struggle. Since that time I have been creating and recreating Water Tight networks in most every aspect of my life. This can, I believe strongly, be accomplished on an individual as well as a more comprehensive level. We can and should seek to achieve Water Tightness domestically, in conversation, at leisure, rest, and work, and no doubt in all of our respective and multivariate pursuits. But understanding Being Water Tight, and learning to recognize moments of Water Tightness, is the task to which I dedicate this site.

I encourage you to contribute to this site frequently and at great length. Please share your understanding of Being Water Tight. Are you currently or have you been Water Tight? Was it fleeting or sustainable? What is it like? Share your Water Tight moments with us, no matter how insignificant they might seem at the time. It is only from the cumulative weight of these moments, these Water Tight networks, that a General Theory will emerge.

If you would like to create new, alternative Water Tight networks with others, in order to strengthen our collective understanding of the Water Tight, please let me know who should be included (with email address) and I will add the person onto the list. We should and must expand and yet we must maintain Water Tight integrity of the project at all times.

[This site itself, incidentally, is the result of a Water Tight moment that stretched over several days and involved The Eziest of Ds, AP Farm, and myself. To detail the precision of this Water Tight moment might equate to piercing it, so I will leave it at that.]

Some questions to consider, perhaps: What does it mean to Be Water Tight? Is this a condition, a stricture, a requirement, a promise, a salutation, or a goal? Is it individual, interpersonal, systemic, national, psychic, emotional? Is it a mindset, an attitude, a stance, or an ideology? Can one be Water Tight, or only strive toward it? Are there gradations of Water Tightness, or is it a solitary state? What is Water Tightness and how does it relate to Being Water Tight? What are the means of getting Water Tight? What is the result? What are the advantages of Being Water Tight, and the consequences of falling short of Being Water Tight?

Are you Water Tight?

posted by D.S. Monoclonius 2:22 PM